MCC Summer
Urbanization: how to bring our heritage into the future
Mathias Corvinus
Collegium, Budapest
16-23 July 2022
Limited places only!
About us
MCC Summer Academy is an 8-day-long summer school organised by students of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, an interdisciplinary educational institute in the heart of Budapest, Hungary.
Inspired by the success of the former ten events focusing on energy, international development, food economics, industrial strategies, international management, entrepreneurship, business transformation, sustainable business, fintech for business and value-creating development our organiser team proudly presents this year's Summer Academy in the topic of Urbanization.
Summer Academy 2022

This year, our topic is the highly relevant and future oriented topic of Urbanization.

During the conference we are going to discuss the topic of urbanization through various academic disciplines. We are going to navigate through the history of urbanization with the most relevant examples from all around the world, as well as glimpse into the future of smart cities and AI. We are going to discuss the economics of urbanization along with its social scientific relations regarding both the positive and negative effects of the process. Moreover, members of the program will be granted opportunities for leisure activities and discovering the sights of Budapest.
Our team
Rebeka Mányi
Project Leader
Máté Ujvárosi
Project Leader
Zsombor Rácz
Head of Finance
Luca Bártol
Head of Marketing
Flóra Varga
Head of Communication
Zita Penyige
Head of Professional
András Sebe
Head of Leisure
Máté Szentgyörgyi
Head of Operations
When and where is the MCC Summer Academy held?
The Summer Academy is to be held between on 16-23 July 2022 in Budapest, at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium. If the pandemic regulations will not allow an offline conference, it will be held online in a shorter form and the participation fee is going to be lower as well.
Can I get my money back if the conference cannot be held in person?
If you have already arranged the costs of the conference but the circumstances in August do not allow the conference to be held in person, the participation fee is going to be lower. In such a case we will pay back the fee difference straight away.
What is the cost of the participation?

Participation fee:

Limited places only!
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Academy 2022
Mathias Corvinus Collegium,
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