Summer Academy 2021 - Program plan
MCC Summer Academy is a 10-day-long summer school organised by students of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, an interdisciplinary educational institute in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by the success of the former nine events focusing on energy, international development, food economics, industrial strategies, international management, entrepreneurship, business transformation, sustainable business and fintech for business our organiser team proudly presents this year's Summer Academy in the topic of Value-Creating Development.
During the conference, we are going to explore the new global trends that determine our future, such as information technology, robotisation, and data security in the fields of industry and education. We are going to discuss their potential threats and effects on the planet and societies and intend to delve into the long-distance solutions to the problems and talk about responsible ways of growing.

Our goal is to encourage social discussion on the topic.

Moreover, members of the program will be granted opportunities for leisure activities and discovering the sights of Budapest.
Although we are planning to hold this event in person, the actual regulations in connection with the Covid-19 crisis could change the organising circumstances. Therefore, if the circumstances will allow the conference to be held in person, the actual regulations will define the guidelines of the event. On the other hand, if we are unable to hold the conference entirely offline, it will take place in a hybrid or in a completely online form.

Location: Budapest

Date: 12-22 August 2021

Please note that the Summer Academy will be held completely in English.
If you have any questions, please contact us on our email address: summeracademy[at]
Applicants who need a visa in order to enter Hungary will receive an Acceptance Letter which declares their registration. We are glad to help you with any additional documents needed.
Additional information
Additional requirements
In order to complete your application, please attach a professional CV that contains your educational background and language proficiency and a motivational letter with a length of 500 words, in which you specify the reasons you are applying, the things you expect to gain by participating in the program, along with how the program could be of help in your professional and academic development.
Participation fee and
application deadline

Participation fee €100

(Reduced from 400€)
Limited places only!
In case of a successful application, it is required that you transfer 100% of your participation fee within 14 days after receiving the invoice from us. Final application deadline: 31 July 2021 The participation fee includes: meals three times a day professional and leisure programs urban transportation in Budapest (note: arriving to and departing from Budapest should be done at your own expense)
Additional requirements
If you have to cancel your participation, the following refund policy applies: If you are hindered from participating for unforeseeable reasons caused by the pandemic or related regulations, we are ready to give you a 100% refund linked to a personal consultation with the organisers. In case of any other reason for cancellation we cannot offer a reimbursement.